About astrosophy

The word astrosophy means wisdom of the stars so that concentrates into the location of the stars and represents the timeless ancient knowledge of the Universe to us.

Wisdom because we humans have almost tangible connections  with the stars and planets. These existing entities of the Universe have got their own moves, brightnes, ages, sizes and ways and other features like memory! The stars have their own light, one of them is our Sun. Meanwhile the planets are called as hiding stars and the Sun makes them visible. They all are symbols of the world, the light and love.

We humans are similar with the stars in all of these things!!

One of the seven free arts is astronomy. Ajtósi Albrecht Dürer’s illustration (1515) also illustrates the importance of star-sky and dealing the stars as a constellation, as symbols.

The zodiac system of 30 day periodes has applieded since 500 before Christ and has got its own role with taking part of our traditions and costums. It is practical to keep us on the track of the time. The label of red-white and blue-white circle silhouette shows this zodiac system. There is still plus 7 degrees shift in the relation between star constellations and zodiac periodes because of the 500 year time-span from 1515.