I offer a safe and harmony-oriented mirror, a gate to remind everyone of their own star and planet connections and detecting them in the life situations through the astrosophy.

Everybody is able to walk alongside the own star-paved road, even based on the real 3D imaging model.

The light of the stars and the power of the planets deliver a toolbar into our hands to understand and get inspired of the message of every moment to advance us in our life.

Dear Reader, I invite you for this discovery!

Across our life, one of the most important treasures is our rationality as a value, and the other most important value is the intuition, the inner voice and the call of the soul: together they form our morals, the senses of our intellect, the lifting, the axis of our life, defining the direction of our life, the situations we are waiting for, or even our life events we are able to accommodate. Therefore, it is very important for all people to be aware of what they think and feel at a given moment. This is what governs us towards our experiences of the situations.

In addition, we live our present in the consumption society generating stress with a great amount of data and with the struggle of choices on diary basis. Our own source, the Solar system and the Universe is a useful information-gathering solution to the stress relief.

Our personal features, the orderliness of our values, the spine of our life, show that we really are able to create what we would be willing to, and we are eager to accommodate?

How do we use the energies of the moment of our birth?

How do we utilize the energies day by day?

Have we understood the conclusion of our past events, the link between the cause and effect?

Everyone has got the own most appropriate “sky composition” that is to find the remedies for the emerging questions, problems and directions of the world, with the light of the stars and planetary situations.

Our specific astral essences carry and form the basis of certainty in our decision-making, or they can give our faith back if needed. Occasionally, they give us a sense of security or new perspectives, sometimes reflecting the deep inner world.

It is therefore worth considering them! And see them in ourselves!