Today the wather – the rain – reminds Us when Aphrodite emerged up from the foam of the water, how Botticelli painted this!

Why exactly is this Venus: because Venus enbodies the fruitfulness and the harmonisation of our emotions.

During this week, first of all today we are able to breath in the harmony and love derived from Venus to transform it into fruitfulness and creativity. Venus is born inside Us according to our wishes! The most important thing is to let ourselves feel and be touched by things, happenings, even during the night. It is time to take  inspirations into ourselves how the spring waft exhales spirit, ideas into Aphrodite in Botticelli’s painting. Because these ideas are able to give us life and are going to appear in our enviroment to ensure solutions in various areas of our life.

It can also happens that events or plans come into forefront again what occured some month ago, from 30th August to 3th September. But now our decision, our sureness drive us how to continue them.

Love is in the air!!

Venus make us more receptive to see the sensitive side of Us and of other people around us. So that we can easily create intimate and romantic moments. In other hand, this loads up even the very serius persons with playfulness.  🙂

It is time to let the golden fish emerge up from the foam of the golden rain!

Enviroment of the stars: Venus near to the star Spica is in opposition with the Moon and Uranus near to the constellation of Fish who swims upwards.



Beware of your inner fire which shows the way of your path, no matter how dark is your way sourrounded.

The veil of darkness makes things invisible around us for a short time to ensure the reorganisation of our “scenery decor” and of ourselves in the backstage.



The long time planning is actual in everybody’s life now, in the era of winter time. The plans, aims and dreams which has arisen in the past days and weeks are under estimation. Like a hiding stream, all of them seem to be disappeared for a while to make us concentrated to take steps and changes. The first signs as visible outcome will arise around 26-27 November and they will under secure. The following signs as a new scene in our life will come around December-January.

That is why we all need insistence and treasure the inner fire in our heart to be able to carry out for the realisations.

 Today and the upcomming week we have the possibility to gain the needed knowledge, idea or information to keep us in our path we want to follow.

The upcoming period is also very suitable to quit and wind up circumstantial and inner problems of having children!

In other hand, the messages from our children are more understandable for us what they really want to express or for what kind of role they should do in real. We are able to understand the  heavy “remonstrances” presented in their own style even in the grotesk situations.

We can even awake of the ideas what would make our life complete, as a whole, 360* round. So every area of our life is involved now, but we make siluettes for the next 12 years.

It’s worth to remember and think about the previous round which was in October – November 2006: what kind of evaluations and conclusions can we draw from: what to follow and what to change.



Momentanously, in the middle of the indian summer we all try to spend good time, take sunbath and have attempt to finalise the orderable things before the winter.

The Sun reaches the star of Angel, the Spica which is responsible for the results of our attemptions and support of our future planning on 16th October. But there is a great meeting at Monday night (22:40) on 15th October, when Mercure and Venus reaches each other, the two planets who escort the Sun.

Mercure and Venus make us focused on our knowledge and understanding during this week:

  • what makes us really fruitful, productive, rich, beautiful and balanced, so that energetic?

Mercure and Venus move above the constellation of Northern Hydra, beneath the Angel: our core competences, features are getting into the surface which bring to us energy.

The Hydra presented in the nature

We are able to understand and see easily our capabilities, instinctes what we had used only until the age of 3 and what we did not learn. We are ready use them again to make our life more beautiful and harmonic in the long term, anybody according to her/his own plans!

We just get fire inside by those capabilities which we can convert into “gold”: which we can see and manage to get more useful knowledge and treasures in our life – with the support of the constellation Northern Crown and the invisible Northern Pole.

They support our way of thinking  remaining ordered. This is highlighted now also by the Moon aspecting Mercure-Venus with understanding: our feelings and dreams at night can navigate us towards glamourous and real aims, plans 🙂

  • what is our role in the life?

Our harmony becomes absolute when we have it with our love, family, friends and other people around us. The first step is our own-balanced harmony again. The experience of feelings is very important alongside the Hydra. The point is what kind of feelings we have, because we gain experiences in these feelings!

We should release negative feelings to rationalise positive experiences. The most important is now to understand why we feel us bad –  Mercure help us in this. During this week, we are able to clear ourselves from the emotional hurts we had in the past.  Even other people’s talks can indicate thinkings with ourselves: “with the present way of our thinking” or with other point of view pains can convert into bagatell things. Or a nice walk alongside a river enjoying the sun makes us released. If  we really want our harmony, now we can send away the “expired”, even the “sclerosed” feelings from the body – feares, thrillings, angryness – and doubtful thoughts  and convert into energy, into creative energy.

In pictures: we put our negative and unsufficient feelings into our bonfire and convert into creative energy, into knowledge. With the help of the Angels we are able to win against our Dragon and have our treasures: we reach our Crown and the invisible Northern Pole around which Our World turns around. All of these are above the stars of the Angel.

This power is highlighted with Mars hammering out the clarification of our past because Mars is nowadays activating the stars of Capricorn who sees into the past.

I wish you beautiful and colourful days!



Moon-Jupiter connections

Moon beneath Jupiter

Anytime we look at the middle of the night sky this year the light of Jupiter is visible, even in cloudy weather! It is the highlight of Jupiter’s presence and security during the night! Moreover, Jupiter is the main actor during the summer night! With Jupiter’s conduction we are capable to fix our basic principles and rootes in emotional, material and intellectual fields.

The Moon, the mirror of our emotions always supports us with  really exciting and surprising situations, almost with carnival feeling! This year, in 2018 we have the opportunity to enjoy her month-to-month exhilaration: the Moon has got many connections with a number of planets loading up with energy of the past and remember of the roots. So they make for anybody possible to handle the past and the roots !

Jupiter, planet of the justice and wisdom  is one of them. The yearly main relation with the Moon is to see our emotional interests in real, at least once in a month. So the most important to reveal the mirror of our justice, the reflection of  our wisdom through our emoitons 🙂

Oh yes! Our emotions lead us and make us to remember the mainly uncomfortable situations in the past. Let this for ourselves! Our emotions help us and drive us:

To find out what kind of justice exists behind our mainly negative emotions? Where does originate from? When did we feel similar emotions previously? What is the connection between the present and the past? What kind of principle has conducted our emotion in the past? In the moment of relief from negativity we are going to enfree huge energies from ourselves!

So we have opportunity to clear the emotional negative charging in “reloaded” situations till this October. This is important because from 12th October we all create the future so make it harmonised and satisfied as much as it possible!

Other important cause happens from 12th October, when Jupiter reaches the Future side of the Balance constellation: this is the place of the God’s justice! This happens in every 12th year!

Ez még azért is fontos, hiszen október 12-től a Mérleg csillagkép jövő serpenyője az Istenítélet színtere, minden 12. évben érkezik ide Jupiter. Ez magában hordozza lelkünk megmérettetését: legyen minél könnyebb a lelkünk- lehető legkevesebb rosszérzéssel – , hogy a Farkas, illetve később november végén az Olló mechanizmusa csak zsírcsökkentésben, túlsúly leadásában nyilvánuljon meg – Jupiterhez tartozik a zsírháztartásunk!!! Ez egy nagyon jó alkalom erre! 🙂

This is a cardinal point where our soul is measured by the Balance – make our soul easy, practically with minimal negativity!  This is important in the next step: after the measurment and creating the possible future plans,  the power of the Wolf and the power of the Sciccors will be in action in late November to eliminate the unnecesary aspects from our life. Use it only for fat-cutting and weight reducing – Jupiter is responsible for our fat-householding!!! Very good opportunity for this type of changing 🙂

Next conjuctions are in 21th July, 17th August, 14th September and 12th October. Significant connections are on 28th June, on 8th, 12th, 15-16th, 26th and 31th July; on 4th, 9th 12-13th, 22th and 27th August and on 1th, 5th, 9th, 19th, 24th and 29th September. Have many glads!