My astro-economy

I have a decade-long experience in decision supporting as an economist, as a controller. The numbers carry their own meaning when we are able to attribute to them their own information, their own message.

Astrosophy also carries the same goal. Beyond this, other activities also have the same effect. In my case the music is this other activity what has accompanied me through my life since my childhood – sometimes singing, playing the music and dancing. And I am very grateful for doing these wonderful things!

The sounds first of all during singing also need lifting to creat them beautifully and harmony-builded for the enviroment -my singing teacher Maria Flohr knows and teach it wonderfully.

The ars poetica of my balletmaster, Richard Joerss is that lifting is what gives expressive power to our movements and makes us alive in dancing and in life also.

My astrosophic teacher, Zoltán Paksi’s one speech is that carrying a knowledge is an ability what we gain while applying our knowledge responsibly. We win wisdom and opportunities to choose what we want to follow in our life.

I took an interesting discovery that the motives of the theories in microeconomics I studied at the university can be found in our macro world, above our head, in the sky: the “invisible hand” of Adam Smith about demand and supply, or even the Pareto-effective principle that we look for satisfaction of our increasingly high utility curves while other curves remain the same level or go upper level. It’s enough from the theories…

After detecting and holding our own virtues and values we can feel selfassurance towards our life. See and feel what are the real things for us and what come from beliefs, shakes, and out of the principles. This kind of interior compass shows us the recognition of decision points and the upcoming consequences in the long term from a higher perspective. Both can be sometimes very human-challenging!! This inner compass leads to the right gates, gives the key to opening gates and desires to reach our goals.